Run Android Apps on Windows with BlueStacks

If you do not own or cannot access a Google Android Device, BlueStacks is an excellent alternative to Android for Windows Users. With BlueStacks, you can run applications like The Amazon Appstore and Hearthstone, as well as most apps available for Android. If you would like more information on how to download the Amazon Appstore App, view our guide by clicking here.
To download Bluestacks 3 with a free copy of Poker Heat – Free Texas Holdem Poker, click here or below on the logo.
For more information on BlueStacks and BlueStacks 3, click here.


Step 1: Go to the BlueStacks Website

Got to the BlueStacks Website. Click here to get redirected to the BlueStacks website.
Scroll down toward the center of the page if you would like to download Bluestacks 3 with a free copy of Poker Heat – Free Texas Holdem Poker.

Scroll toward the bottom of the page if you would like to download BlueStacks without any additional software.

You will be redirected to another page from BlueStacks with a download link. Select “Download”.

Step 2:Download BlueStacks on Windows

Select and run the BlueStacks installer EXE filer from your recent downloads folder.

When prompted to continue with the installation, select “Yes”.

Step 3:Install BlueStacks on Windows

You will be prompted with the Installation window for BlueStacks. Make sure the “Accept Software licese” checkbox is selected. If you would like to change the directory that BlueStacks will be installed, select “Customize installation” above the checkbox.

Installation may take a few minutes.

Step 4: Run BlueStacks on Windows for the First Time

BlueStacks will take a few moments to load upon the first time opening the application.
Once the installation is completed, if the “Auto-start upon completion” checkbox is selected, BlueStacks will startup one “Complete” is chosen toward the bottom of the prompt.

The BlueStacks engine may take a few moments to load.

Once BlueStacks has loaded, you will be first prompted for your location. Make sure to use “United States” if you are purchasing Amazon Coins with an North American Account.

Step 5: Sign in to BlueStacks With Google

You must have a Google account to continue.

If it is your first time installing BlueStacks, the applications will prompt you for a Google account to log into your BlueStacks device.

Read and accept the Terms of Service to continue with the installation.

Edit Google Services to your preference for your account.

Step 6: (Optional) Install the Poker Heat App

If you downloaded the BlueStacks Version packaged with the Poker Heat App, you will be prompted to install the App now. Select “Install”.

Step 7: Download Apps and Play Games with BlueStacks

Now that you have BlueStacks installed, you can download a number of Android Games and Apps, Including The Amazon Appstore and Hearthstone. Read more about how to download Amazon Appstore App, and playing Hearthstone with BlueStacks by clicking here!