Extra Free Hearthstone Packs with The Witchwood Expansion Preorder

Get Free Witchwood Expansion Packs using Amazon and Amazon Prime services to play and purchase items in the Hearthstone app. With Amazon Coins and an Amazon Prime Subscription, free Hearthstone Card Packs and discounts on purchases come as part of the services. When using Amazon Coins, you can save as much as 55% when buying Adventures, other Expansion Card Packs, as well as Classic/Expert Card Packs.
Generally, you receive up to 25% off purchases made with Amazon Coins. Additionally, when using the Amazon Appstore Hearthstone App, up to 30% of your purchases made with Amazon Coins are returned back to you during periodic promotional offers. The coins saved from rebates and discounts can be used toward Additional Free Hearthstone Card Packs and Adventures.
To see which games are currently giving coins back, click here. Note, the “coins back” promotion is not always active for Hearthstone.
In order for this method to work, you must purchase Amazon Coins. We suggest purchasing 50,000 Coins for the maximum dicounted price of 25%. Note, discount is not always available.


Step 1:

Uninstall Hearthstone if you have it previously downloaded. Don’t worry! This will not affect your account. Just make sure you have your username and password for when you reinstall the game. If using Bluestacks, use the “Unistall App” button on the bottom right to remove your current Hearthstone uninstallation.

Select the small “X” symbol to the left of the Hearthstone App icon to confirm the removal of the App.

Step 2:

Download the Amazon Appstore App on your Android Device. If you do not have an Android Device, we suggest using BlueStacks. Click here to read a guide on how to download and install BlueStacks on a Windows Computer. Use the Amazon Appstore APK download link provided here. It is the official Amazon Appstore App directly from Amazon’s website.


Step 3:

Install the Amazon Appstore APK (.apk file) from your Downloads folder. To do this with Bluestacks, select the “Install APK” in the bottom right corner.

Choose the appropriate file from the pop-up menu and select “Open”. This will install the Amazon Appstore App on your BlueStacks Android Emulator.

Step 4:

Once the Amazon Appstore App is downloaded on your Android device, select it and run the application.

Step 5:

**IMPORTANT** When signing into the Amazon Appstore, make sure you are using the login credentials of the Amazon account you have purchased your Amazon Coins with. You can sign in, purchase, and use coins from different accounts with the Hearthstone App downloaded from the Amazon Appstore.

Step 6:

Once you are logged in with your Amazon account, use the search bar on the top of the app to search for “Hearthstone“.

Step 7:

Hearthstone should automatically show up as the first result in the search menu. Select “Install” to initiate the download of the Hearthstone App through the Amazon Appstore.
Take note, this is not the same version that is available though the Google Play store. That version was installed in Step 1.

A pop-up will ask you again to install the app. Select “Install” again to continue the installation.

Once again, a new window will ask you again to verify the installation of the app. Select “Install” again to complete the installation.

And you may now open the Hearthstone App downloaded with the Amazon Appstore to use Amazon coins and get Free Witchwood Expansion Hearthstone Card Packs.

Step 8:

Once Hearthstone has loaded and you have logged into your account, select the shop.

Step 9:

Once you are in the shop, select The Witchwood Expansion Set and pay for them with Amazon Coins. When you purchase Amazon Coins from Amazon instead of through the normal Hearthstone app, the extra coins can be used toward Free Card Packs and Free Adventures.

At this point, you should not have to sign in again. If you do have to sign in, make sure it is with the same account that your Amazon coins were purchased with. If there are no Amazon Coins in your balance, go back to the Amazon Appstore app, and log into your correct account. If you are logged in with your Amazon Account, select the “Buy Item” button. It will use your Amazon Coin balance.
Voila! Enjoy your free Witchwood Expansion Hearthstone Card Packs!